Alice Glanville (b. 1920) attended school in Greenwood and Grand Forks, graduated from Vancouver Normal School and the Universith of British Columbia, and taught school in Brown Creek (1939-1941, Greenwood and Grand Forks before retiring in 1980. She later became chairperson of the Grand Forks School District. She co-authored Grand Forks: The First Hundred Years in 1987 with her husband Jim. She attended school at Greenwood and Grand Forks and taught in Boundary communities for 40 years. Her Schools of the Boundary: 1891-1991 covers south-central B.C. from Anarchist Mountain on the west to Paulson on the east. She has long been active in the Boundary Historical Society. She and her husband lived in Grand Forks.


Grand Forks: the First 100 Years in the Shadow of Observation. Alice and Jim Glanville. Gazette Printing Co. Ltd., 1987.

Schools of the Boundary: 1891-1991 Anarchist Mountain to Paulson, B.C. (Sonotek 1991)

Co-author of The Life and Times of Grand Forks (Blue Moose Publications, 1997), with Jim Glanville.

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