Cardiologist Tom Godwin has written a humourous and opinionated memoir, A Doctor's Notes Taken from Both Sides of the Bedsheets (Hancock 2009).

"I was born in Ontario in 1937.I moved permently to BC in 1968 to start work at the Royal Columbian Hospital as a cardiologist. About 60% of the book deals with patients and incidents that took place at this hospital. About 20% of the book takes place on our farm in Surrey and other places in BC and about 20% in other parts of Canada. The book is written for the average reader and I have made a big effort to explain any technical terms that appear in the book. There is absolutely no fiction in this book and only where it might break patient confidentiality have I changed the circumstances slightly to preserve this trust. All my profits, if any, will go to the department of cardiology at the Royal Columbian Hospital."

ISBN 978-0-88839-654-9
5½" x 8½", softcover, 368 pages
38 photos, 15 illustrations
$29.95 + s/h + gst