Young adult author and children's librarian E.M. Goldman's first book Money to Burn, in which two 14-year-old boys find a suitcase full of money, is set in the fictional seaside town of Potts, B.C. In her second adventure, 'Detective, 10th Grade', 15-year-old Elliot Armbruster's decision to become a private investigator leads to 'undercover surveillance, bowling, a car chase, a runaway bride, a stolen van, Satanists, Tupperware and a commando raid on a goat farm. Goldman's third book The Night Room (1995) is about seven 16-year-old students who travel in time to their ten-year high school reunion. Goldman is also the author of a play, 'The Perils of Cinderella or, The Vampire's Bride'.


Money to Burn (Penguin Puffin, 1996)
Detective, 10th Grade
The Night Room (1995)
Shrinking pains (Viking, 1996)

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