Bonnie Gosse was born in Toronto on March 26, 1947, and was brought to B.C. in 1948. While living in North Vancouver she wrote Soapstone Carving for Children (Penumbra, 1991) and A First Book Of Knitting for Children. She has also made an environmental board game with teachers' manuals called Keep It Green.


Keep It Green, Environmental Board Game (The Green Earth Games Co., 1990)
Soapstone Carving for Children (Penumbra, 1991)
Teaching Soapstone Carving for Children (Penumbra, 1992)
Using Keep It Green in the Classroom and at the Camp (The Green Earth Games Co., 1992)
A First Book of Knitting for Children, co-written with Jill Allerton (Wynstones Press, 1995)
Enlivening Environmental Education by Creative Use of the Senses (The Green Earth Games Co., 1995)

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