Lyn Gough was a driving force behind the designation of October as Canadian Women's History Month in 1992. She has been an advertising copywriter in Canada and England (ages 18-25). She married, moved to the U.S. and returned to the U.K. for her B.Sc (hons) from University College Cardiff and her M.A. from University of Wales. She returned to Canada in 1979 and completed a history degree at University of British Columbia in 1980. Her book As Wise As Serpents is a respectful study of the pioneers of the Women's Temperance Movement who have been unduly ignored or maligned as 'party-poopers', In fact, Gough contends they were community leaders who were champions of women's rights, protecting their children and helping get women the right to vote.

CITY/TOWN: Victoria, B.C.

PLACE OF BIRTH: Winnipeg, Manitoba



As Wise As Serpents,: Five Women & an Organization that Changed British Columbia 1883-1939 (Swan Lake Publishing, 1988)

[BCBW 2003]

Review of the author's work by BC Studies:
As Wise as Serpents: Five Women and an Organization that Changed British Columbia, 1883-1939