Jan Gould was born in Essex, England, where her school reports noted that she spent too much time staring out the window at the river. She is now a Canadian citizen and has lived in many cities and small communities across the country. She currently lives in Victoria with her 14-year-old son, Jay, and her dog. Gould is noted as a journalist and as the author of "Women of British Columbia". Her fiction was first published in "The Canadian Forum" and she has had stories aired on CBC radio. She has won numerous awards, including the Rosalind Hulet Petch Memorial Prize for creative writing at the University of Victoria. To supplement her income as a freelance writer, she has worked as a newspaper coordinator, bank employee, doughnut packer, cleaning lady and cook. She loves to travel, whether it is up the west coast of Vancouver Island or across the north African desert. Her interests include African and South American literature, dancing, people, dream analysis and anything to do with rivers and the sea.

PLACE OF BIRTH: Essex, England


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