In short fiction collected as Imperfect Moments (Polestar 1993 $14.95), Candis Graham injected humour into serious women's issues, such as the lesbian with an unrequited passion for a straight woman, or an elderly woman who taps new inner strength when on the bus she confronts an obnoxious teen with a noisy walkman. Her first collection was Tea for Thirteen (Impertinent, 1990). Her earliest published work appeared in the Women and Words (Harbour 1984) anthology after Graham attended the landmark gathering of female writers at the University of British Columbia. Her was also included in the anthologies By Word of Mouth (1989), Dykewords (1990) and Tide Lines (1991). After she initiated the Women's Centre and lesbian library at the University of Waterloo, she moved to Ottawa in 1975. In 2000 she moved to Victoria, where she died suddenly after a brain aneurysm ruptured November 22, 2005. She was born in 1949.

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