When Gila Green left Carleton University, she saw an advertisement for an apprenticeship at the Jewish Western Bulletin newspaper and came to Vancouver where she also undertook freelance journalism at the Jewish Community Centre, in 1993-1994, before she made aliyah. She has since published tens of short stories in literary magazines and anthologies in the U.S.A., Canada, Australia, Israel and Hong Kong. Her first collection White Zion was nominated for the Doris Bakwin Literary Award and her work has been nominated for six international awards and for a Canadian literary fellowship. Her first novel,King of the Class, is a futuristic satire from Now or Never Publishing in Vancouver.

The publiser's promo reads:

"Eve and Manny are engaged in post-civil war Israel. Eve studies at the Hebrew University for Jewish Renewal, an island of militant secularism in the religiously-run Shalem State. Manny is an unemployed graduate student with a secret: he is falling in love with his religious roots and turning his back on modern moral relativism.

"As their wedding date approaches, Manny deserts Eve, then devastates her a second time with the revelation that he has pre-empted their wedding with a marriage to a new lifestyle. In the midst of this betrayal, Eve collides with a pre-soul who has had his out-of-this-world eyes on her all along. The collision leaves Eve with a choice: reconcile with Manny or condemn a soul to never living.

"More than a decade later, the couple live with their three children off the Tel Aviv Coast on the manmade Yovel Islands. But Eve's uncanny encounter has left a mark and now she has her own secret, one that may save her only son's life, or else tear her family apart. King of the Class is a futuristic satire on the toxic brew of religion and politics in modern Israel, poking a playful finger at parental gold-digging and technological dependence."


White Zion

King of the Class (Now or Never, 2013). 978-1-926942-14-8

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