For CBC Radio's Ideas, Paul A. Green generated "Witches, Warlocks and Magi," "The Future of Divination" and "Space Gods and Secret Chiefs." A graduate of Trinity College, Oxford and the University of British Columbia Creative Writing program, he published poetry and prose in various anthologies and magazines prior to the release of his sf novel The Qliphoth (Surrey: Libros Libertad, 2007). The hype for this paranormal tale states, "Lucas, a failing student, urgently seeks out his father Nick, psychedelic-era wreck and self-proclaimed channel for "Qabalistic knowledge," now confined to a mental hospital alongside Wolfbane, a forgotten rock & roll icon. Pauline, ultra-rationalist mother and burnt-out teacher, dreads their encounter. Her nightmares seem realised when Nick escapes and Lucas disappears to enter a parallel world, peopled by a rogues' gallery of bohemian riff-raff and sacred harlots, whose operations - artistic, criminal or magickal [sic] - are scribed with hallucinatory intensity. He undergoes poetic and erotic initiation."

[Libros Libertad Publishing Ltd, PO Box 45089, 12851 16th Ave., Surrey, BC, Canada V4A 9L1] ISBN 978-0-9781865-0-0, $24.95 CDN plus shipping

[BCBW 2007] "Fiction"