Several Gulf Islands have Spanish source names (Galiano, Saturna, Quadra), so V.L. Greene has chosen "Quixote Island"; as the fictional setting for his distinctly West Coast debut novel, A Quixote Island Saga (Llumina Press $19.95). After two young lovers take an idyllic sailing trip among the islands, life on Quixote Island becomes problematic when land-use squabbles splinter the community. Newcomers and old-timers can't agree on how best to protect the island's forest. An excellent epilogue outlines the twenty-year struggle of 'quixotic' forestland owners to have the right to build dwellings on their land. Parallels between Quixote Island and Galiano Island are apparent. V.L. Greene is a pseudonym. 9781625500045

[BCBW 2013]