Alexander Greenwood, a British army major and Field-Marshal Auchinleck's ADC in India, has written a 1990 biography, Field-Marshal Auchinleck (The Pentland Press), published in England. Born in England in 1920, Greenwood was commissioned into the Lincolnshire Regiment in 1939. Despite losing an eye during exercises in Iceland, he volunteered for the Indian Army in 1942. He became Auchinleck's ADC in 1943 before his posting to Burma to serve as military secretary to General Slim. Greenwood retired from the army in 1959, worked as a member of the London Stock Exchange and went to live in the Channel Islands in 1975. He came to Canada in 1980 and received an honorary doctorate in genealogy in 1988. An instructor in genealogy at Malaspina College, he also published The Greenwood Tree in Three Continents.

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