Griffiths is a Duncan illustrator who credits a particular comic book--Iron Man #15--for starting his career. He has illustrated numerous books for Orca Books, including That's Hockey and Fairy, both by David Bouchard, several sports stories by Sigmund Brouwer, as well as Troy Wilson's Perfect Man (Orca, 2004), about a comic superhero who appears disguised as a teacher named Mr. Clark. Frosty is a Stupid Name (Orca 2005), set in a trailer park, was followed by Only a Cow (Fitzhenry & Whiteside, 2006), with text by Arlene Hamilton.

Griffiths has also illustrated Frieda Wishinsky's Canadian Flyer series involving two children, Emily Bing and Matt Martinez, who are time travellers to anywhere in Canada courtesy of the Canadian Flyer, a magical, antique red sled. The first volume concerns the hot-tempered privateer Martin Frobisher, in 1577, as he searches for the Northwest Passage aboard his ship, The Aid. The second introduces the pair to dinosaurs in the Alberta badlands. The eighth in the series, A Whale Tale, takes the pair to Nootka Sound in 1778, coincidental with the arrival of Captain James Cook, where they meet Chief Maquinna and paddle to meet a protective mother whale and her baby.

With Frieda Wishinsky, he was a co-recipient of the Christie Harris Illustrated Book Prize in 2010 for Maggie Can't Wait.

Griffiths illustrated Les Loups gris a la chasse (Orca, 2011), about a hockey team called the Timberwolves who get a new coach - but the coach's son is a terrible player and threatens their chance at the playoffs. Authored in French by Sigmund Brouwer and former NHL player Gaston Gingras, the English translation for the title is Timberwolf Hunt.


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