Brian Grover was raised in Oregon and British Columbia. After 'fleeing high school', his work in forestry, warehouses, sawmills, plywood mills and Canada Post convinced him perhaps education was indeed all they said it was. While attending Malaspina College as an aspiring writer he became editor of the student newspaper. He worked variously as a fishing guide, a cycling guide, a newspaper reporter and a graphic artist before landing a job handling communications for the Outdoor Recreation Council of British Columbia. He also spent four years teaching English in Japanese universities and one year in Paris. Upon returning to B.C., Grover founded Explore Canada Outdoor Adventures, aimed at marketing British Columbia's renewable recreation resources overseas, principally to Japanese and American visitors. He is a freelance writer and teacher who also undertakes web design and photography. His book BC Car-Free: Exploring Southwestern British Columbia without a Car covers a broad range of outdoor activities popular on the coast of British Columbia and all are accessible from Vancouver via one form of public transportation or another. It has been translated into Japanese for the local tourism market and Hima Ari Publications.

DATE OF BIRTH: March 11, 1955

PLACE OF BIRTH: Farmington, Maine, USA

ARRIVAL IN CANADA: November 1965



BC Car-Free: Exploring Southwestern British Columbia Without a Car (Whisky-Jack Communication, 2001). Distributed by Gordon Soules Publishing ISBN: 0-9688018-0-3

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