Author of B.C. Government titles from Crown Publishing:

No. 06-Birds of B.C.: (1) Woodpeckers (2) Crows and Their Allies (1954)

No. 10-Birds in B.C.: (4) Upland Game Birds (1955)

No. 18-The Birds of B.C. (7) Owls (1960)

No. 19-The Heather Family (Ericacae) of B.C. (1962). With Adam F. Szczawinski.

No. 22-The Birds of B.C.: (8) Chicadees, Thrushes, Kinglets, Poppits, Waxwings, and Shrikes (1964).

No. 25-The Lily Family of B.C. (1966)

No. 14-Alien Animals of B.C.: (1972). With Clifford Carl.

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