Born in Mexico, Elisa Gutierrez is the Vancouver-based author and designer of Picturescape (Simply Read Books, 2005), the story of a boy who finds himself magically transported on a cross-Canada journey after he visits a local art gallery and admires works by Emily Carr, Tom Thomson, J.E.H. MacDonald, David Blackwood, Alex Colville, Ivan Eyre, Lawren Harris, E.J. Hughes, William Kurelek, J.P. Lemieux, Christopher Pratt and Gaugnet. It was shortlisted for the Christie Harris Children's Literature Prize.

Her book, Letter Lunch (Owlkids Books 2014), utilizes a comic-style lay-out to make a literal love of language, food, and art. The story follows two young friends as they search for ingredients to make a word-filled feast.


Picturescape (Simply Read Books, 2005)

The Cul-de-sac Kids (Tradewind 2012) by Alison Acheson. $8.95 978-1-896580-67-8. Illustrated by Elisa Guitierrez

Letter Lunch (Owlkid Books 2014) $17.95 978-1-77147-000-1

Illustrated. Meg and Greg: Frank and the Skunk (Orca 2020) $14.95 978-1-4598249-3-5. Co-authored by Elspeth Rae and Rowena Rae.

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