Ulla Hakanson of Nanoose Bay, B.C. was born in ?rnsköldsvik, Sweden in 1941. She worked at The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm as draftsperson for one of the institute's scientific publications. She arrived in Canada in 1968 and worked at Ontario Hydro and Gore & Storrie Ltd. in Toronto where she continued her drafting career, receiving a commercial art degree and running her own design business. She came to British Columbia in 1996. She is planning a sequel to her thriller that was inspired by a kayaking trip, The Price of Silence (BroadPen Books 2013), about a woman who is stalked by her criminal ex-fiancé in the wilderness.

According to her promotional materials:

"Trying to put an abusive relationship behind her, Amy Robinson joins her cousin on a kayaking trip into the wilderness of British Columbia. She makes new friends, and together they face the thrills of the rapids and the hungry bears.

"But the biggest danger facing Amy has nothing to do with nature. Her ex-fiancé Tyler has followed her from Vancouver, on the run from drug gangs and in desperate need of cash - the cash Amy has saved for her expanding hair-salon business.

"Luckily for Amy, one of her new friends is a cop, and although she's wary of his affection at first, Amy is gradually drawn to Police Detective Ben Malik.

"But Tyler lures Amy away from the safety of her companions, away from the beauty of the landscape and into an ugly underworld. When the ruthless thugs chasing Tyler catch Amy instead, she faces torture and almost certain death. Her only hope is Ben, but can he find her before it's too late?";


The Price of Silence (BroadPen Books 2013) $15 978-1481063210

[BCBW 2013]