With a foreword by Joe McBryan of Buffalo Airways, pioneering ice pilot Don F. Hamilton's self-published journal of flying in Canada's Arctic, Flying Overloaded, is packed with the requisite hair-raising episodes. It recounts his flying in the Far North for various companies, including training pilots on the DC-3 for Buffalo Airways in their early days, and in support of his two fly-in lodges with his own aircraft. It appears at at time when there are two new television series about aviation in Canada's far north.


Flying Overloaded
Printer: Aspire Media Works
ISBN 978-0-9809319-1-4
www.aspiremedia.ca 9 780980 931914
ISBN 978-0-9809319-1-4
5.5" x 8.5" 386 pages $26.95
Second Edition (2011)