Born in Shangong Province, China, Louis Luping Han grew up during the Cultural Revolution, during which his father was persecuted. For seven years he assisted his mother--a doctor born in 1926 who worked through WWII with the Communist Army, the Chinese Civil war, and the Korean War--to write and publish a memoir of these experiences. This became The Doctor Who Was Followed by Ghosts, an account of wartime medicine which touches on many highly controversial topics, including footbinding, infanticide and forced abortion, the Great Famine, and U.S. biological warfare in Korea during the war.

Dr. Qunying still lives in China, but her son Louis Luping Han now lives in Vancouver with his wife, Patty.


The Doctor Who Was Followed by Ghosts [co-author with Dr. Li Qunying] (ECW Press, 2007) $25.95 978-1550227819

PHOTO: Louis Han with his mother Dr. Li Qunying

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