SFU Women's Studies professor Olena Hankivsky used case studies to examine the efficacy of 'the feminist ethic of care' with regards to Canadian society in Social Policy and the Ethic of Care (UBC Press, $85, 2004). She was selected as the SFU Bookstore's Author of the Month in March of 2006. According to the bookstore's press release, "Through a series of case studies, this book considers the implications of this ethic for a range of Canadian social policy issues. The author examines how the ethic of care, if properly applied, might change specific policies, and what lessons might be learned about the theory of care from such a focused application. Her examples demonstrate the extent to which a care orientation differs from a justice orientation, and provide an alternative normative framework for interpreting, understanding, and evaluating social policy.
Social Policy and the Ethic of Care bridges the gap between theoretical and public policy analysis in revealing why Canadian social policy is lacking and how it could be made more effective and robust by the inclusion of an ethic of care. This interdisciplinary text is essential reading for scholars and students of gender or feminist studies, philosophy, political theory, and social policy."

[BCBW 2006] "Women"