A writer and broadcaster on ecological affairs, Robert Harrington moved to his Upper Arrow Lake retreat south of Revelstoke in 1971 at 65. A former scientist with the Nautilus nuclear submarine program, he has written To Heal the Earth: The Case for an Earth Ethic and is a recipient of a B.C. Ministry of Environment award for his teachings on environmental reclamation.

Proposing a 'theology of the earth' to be compatible with organized religions, Robert F. Harrington has released The Soul Solution (Galena Bay, B.C.: White Oak Press $17.95) with Linda Harrington. During the writing, Robert Harrington was stricken with a rare disease; Linda Harrington recounts the story of his recovery with the help of Reiki and Healing touch practitioners. A chapter of The Soul Solution was reprinted in the American publication Annals of Earth.

(White Oak Press, 250-369-2281)

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