First Nations leaders have suggested as many as fifty women have gone missing or been murdered on the 500-mile stretch of highway connecting Prince Rupert and Prince George between 1969 until 2011, but the official number of missing women is eighteen. Regardless of the numbers, the social trauma of the so-called missing women from the Highway of Tears is reflected in Adrianne Harun's debut novel, A Man Came Out of a Door (Penguin 2014). $17 9780670786107

Adrianne Harun's first book, The King of Limbo, was a Washington State Book Award finalist, and her second collection of fiction, Lost in the War of the Beautiful Lads, was a Grace Paley Award finalist.

Adrianne Harun teaches at the Rainier Writing Workshops, an MFA program at Pacific Lutheran University.

[photo by Craig Wester]

[BCBW 2013]