In James Hawkins' mystery called Lovelace and Button (International Investigators) Inc. (Dundurn, 2005), Chief Inspector David Bliss realizes the common thread in a series of murders of senior citizens in England is that all victims had recently sent money via Western Union to an account in Vancouver. It's Hawkins' seventh Chief Inspector Bliss novel. In his eighth, Deadly Sin (Dundurn), Inspector Bliss investigates a bizarre attack on the Queen.

For several years Hawkins wrote his novels in spurts while staying on Vancouver Island. He now lives on Gabriola Island, having worked in the United Kingdom as a police commander for twenty years, followed by eight years in Canada as a private investigator. His first novel Presumed Dead (2001) was short-listed for the Arthur Ellis Award for Best First Novel. In Crazy Lady: A Love Story (Dundurn, 2005), a mystery author is jilted by the woman of his dreams, so he writes her a novel in which the protagonist gets back his lost love by writing her a novel.

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