Grandson of the famous English essayist William Hazlitt, William Carew Hazlitt (1834-1913) was a bibliographer who produced an historical study on Vancouver Island and British Columbia that was published in 1858 in New York and London. It contained a vocabulary of Chinook jargon.


British Columbia, and Vancouver Island; Comprising a Historical Sketch of the British Settlements on the North-West Coast of America; And a Survey of the Physical Character, Capabilities, Climate, Topography, Natural History, Geology and Ethnology of that Region. Compile From Official and Other Authentic Sources (London: G. Routledge, 1858)
The Great Gold Fields of Cariboo (London: W. Penny, 1858; reprinted by Klanak Press, 1974, foreword by Barry M. Gough)
The Memoirs of William Hazlitt (1867)
Handbook to the Popular, Poetical, and Dramatic Literature of Great Britain (1867)
Four Generations of a Literary Family: The Hazlitts (1897).

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