A former horse-racing jockey, Paddy Head is the author of Majeek (First Choice Books, 2006). Paddy Head's novel Majeek is about when jockey Sally O'Sullivan takes a bone-cracking spill on the backstretch, it looks like her reign as the feisty Queen of Woodbine Racetrack is over. But actually, the tale has only just begun. Miraculous events enter her life - without knocking. Hardheaded Sally may be reluctant to saddle up for a trip to other dimensions, but the mysterious Dark Lady of her dreams has big plan for her. Like it or not, Sally and her past-life soul mates let slip the reins of rationality and gallop headlong into the unknown. 'Solvit persona', says Sally's mentor, at one point, 'the persona dissolves'.

[BCBW 2006]