Paul Headrick lives in Vancouver with his partner, novelist Heather Burt. Headrick's work has been published in numerous journals, including The Malahat Review and The Antigonish Review. As a teacher of literature and creative writing at Langara College, he published That Tune Clutches my Heart (Gaspereau Press, 2008), shortlisted for the Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize, followed by a collection of stories, The Doctrine of Affections (Broadview 2010), both mainly concerned with music. The latter has the following publishing blurb: "A poverty-stricken guitar virtuoso navigates the political landscape of nineteenth-century Parisian society as he comes out of retirement for one final concert. A sessional instructor competing for the prestigious Interdisciplinary Chair in Aretha Franklin Studies gets sidetracked by her obsession with a mysterious student in a yellow hat. A dying doo-wop DJ and his wife try to bridge the estrangement wrought by illness as they travel in search of the horns, drums, and vocals of highlife.";

Paul Headrick completed an MA in Creative Writing at Concordia University, and a PhD in English Literature at York University. He is also the author of a textbook, A Method for Writing Essays about Literature (Nelson Education).


A Method for Writing Essays about Literature (Nelson Education).

That Tune Clutches my Heart (Gaspereau Press, 2008) $24.95 9781554470648

The Doctrine of Affections (Freehand Books, 2010) $23.95 978-1-55111-978-6

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