Born in Port Coquitlam in 1982, Lori Henry is a travel writer, former dancer and recoverer from buliminia who has self-published numerous titles. She began Polynesian dancing when she was two years old, continuing with jazz, tap, ballet, modern and contemporary. After high school, she trained with Gastown Actors Studio. Her goal is write travel books and articles about different cultures via the prism of their dances.


Dancing Through History: In Search of the Stories that Define Canada (Vancouver: Dancing Traveller Publishing, 2012)

Churchill: Navigating bugs, belugas and polar bears (Vancouver: Dancing Traveller Publishing, 2012, e-book only)

Jordan: A Different Middle East (Vancouver: Dancing Travler Publishing, 2011, e-book only)

Behind My Smile: How I Recovered from Bulimia (Vancouver: Dancing Traveller Publishing, 2011, e-book only)

Silent Screams (Trafford, 2002)

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