Heide Hermary is an educator from Cowichan Station on Vancouver Island with professional accreditation and certification in many areas of horticultural practice including a MSc. in Sustainable Agriculture.

Hermary's The Essence of Organic Gardening (Cowichan Station: Gaia College, 2008) explores the natural ecosystems present in the garden. The lives of plants are interwoven with the lives of all the organisms in their environment. Pests and weeds are presented not simply as negative external problems, but as indicators of internal soil imbalances. ISBN 978-0-9735687-3-8 (Paperback) $18 + GST + shipping Size: 7 ½"; by 9 ¼";, 50 pages

Hermary's Working With Nature - Shifting Paradigms (Cowichan Station: Gaia College, 2007) purportedly "goes far beyond the usual tips on composting, mowing high and organic fertilizers to offer a deep understanding of the details of soil, water and ecosystem management. This book offers not just the 'how' of many other books, but a heavily researched 'why' as well." ISBN: 978-0-9735687-2-1 (Paperback), ISBN 978-0-9735687-1-4 (Spiral bound) $65 + GST + shipping Size: 8 ½"; by 11";, 242 pages

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