Born on June 22, 1959, in Ottawa, Ontario, Laura Hesse graduated with Honours in both Forestry and Geological Engineering from Sault College of Applied Arts & Technology in 1980 and 1982. She was one of the first women hired on Helitack in the province of Alberta and she has worked as a Timber Cruiser in northern Ontario. She has also worked in real estate and the automotive repair industry. After a cancer scare, and subsequent major surgery, she began a journey of rediscovery and became involved with a Vancouver Island Therapeutic Riding Association. This led to her first novel, One Frosty Christmas, about an eleven-year-old amputee and her journey to find acceptance in a small farming and ranching community. Hesse donates $2 of each direct sale to (CANtra) Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association sponsored clubs.

Laura's educational background includes technical diplomas in Forestry and Geological Engineering, coupled with 20 years experience in marketing, real estate, publicity and public speaking.

"When an outhouse became a luxury item, I knew it was time to leave forestry,"; she recalls.

"Any obstacle can be overcome,"; says Hesse. "It's all about attitude and never, ever, giving up. Not every story is broadcast on the evening news. Most heroes are every-day people. That is who I write about. That is what thrills me. The result was the creation of the Hannah Storey and Johnny Joe characters in One Frosty Christmas, June Stetler in the teen/adult adventure, Two Independents, and Sgt Betty Bruce in Gumboots, Gumshoes & Murder.";

Her novel led her to create The Holiday Series geared towards horse loving young adults and teens.


EMPLOYMENT OTHER THAN WRITING: Marketing and Business Management Services


A Filly Called Easter (Nanaimo: Running L Productions, 2005) (ISBN:0-9734013-2-X)

The Great Pumpkin Ride (Nanaimo: Running L Productions, 2004) ISBN: 0-9734013-1-1

One Frosty Christmas (Nanaimo: Running L Productions, 2003) ISBN: 0-9734013-0-3

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