The Late Night Caller (Turnstone 2004 $16.95) is a debut collection of stories by Michael Hetherington of North Vancouver. "Although I wrote these stories in the middle of writing five (still unpublished) novels, this collection in some ways marks the finding of my voice, such as it might be," he said.

For The Archive Carpet (Passfield Press 2012), Hetherington wrote fragments of fiction every day for 2500 days between 1995 and 2002, selecting 600 strands, many only consisting of one sentence, for a bizarre amalgam, neither poetry or novel. The prologue to The Archive Carpet was published in Geist magazine and other excerpts appeared in The New Quarterly, Lichen, and Exile.

The Playing Card (Passfield 2013) is described as a suspenseful experimental novel in which a deck of playing cards is discovered, each card inscribed with a fragment of a story. The character of S has kept one playing card face down for 26 years without looking at it. Promotional literature states: "S studies daily in the threatened Dunsmuir House Library in Vancouver while the one-eyed Dean Truman sells a one-volume encyclopaedia door to door. Deborah possesses an obsidian mirror with mysterious powers. And on the Caribbean island of St Lucia another card lies guarded face down in the mud, preparing for an exotic patenting ceremony... The book includes two joker chapters."

Playing Card has been followed by the almost-as-strange-sounding Halving the Orange (Passfield 2014), a tale of a young woman named Isabella Allenbeigh who has been confined within the walls of a Vancouver college that her medievalist father founded, in keeping with an agreement made with him at age nine.

Michael Hetherington has bachelors degrees from Queen's University and the University of British Columbia and a Master's degree in International Relations from the London School of Economics.


Halving the Orange (Passfield 2014) $19.95 978-0-9879618-0-8

The Playing Card (Passfield 2013) $19.95 978-0-9879618-5-3

The Late Night Caller (Turnstone 2004 $16.95)

The Archive Carpet (Passfield Press 2012)978-0-9879618-1-5 $19.95

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