Dr. Lynn Holden graduated from UVic (BScHonours) in 1970 and from UBC Medical School in 1974. Three months after beginning to practice as a GP, the fatigue she had felt as an intern became clinical depression. For the next forty years she was repeatedly hospitalized. Nevertheless, she worked at times, but with difficulty, due to the attitudes of some of her colleagues.

In 1991 she left medical practice and Vancouver and moved to Gabriola Island. A selection of her poems appear in "Undercurrents,"; an anthology of writings of the members of the Gabriola Women Writers' Group. "My medical education and its accompanying optimism for a rewarding career were so special," says Dr. Holden, "that I would do everything the same again even knowing the outcome. I tend to write when my feelings are raw and near the surface. My poems in Undercurrents"; were chosen by the Writers' Group because they were short and sort of on the sad side, where I happened to be. They are both untitled.";

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Undercurrents - a second selection - Gabriola Women Writers' Group (Potluck Press, Gabriola Island, 1995)

A Requiem for Lynn - a book of poems Printorium Bookworks 2016) 978-1-77136-438-6.

[BCBW 2016]