Born on April 16, 1948 in the former Yugoslavia (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Ibrahim Honjo is a sculptor, painter and property manager who arrived in Canada, and in Vancouver, in 1995. He is the author of the self-published Do Not Write This Down [Ovo Ne Zapisuj] (2006), a collection of poems in both English and the Serbo-Croatian language. Roots in the Stone / Korijeni kamenu also contains reproductions of some of his photographs and paintings of nature. Honjo has also published extensively in his native language, winning several prizes in former Yugoslavia where he worked as an economist and journalist, also editing books and newspapers, and organizing poetry events and festivals. He lives in New Westminster, having previously lived in Port Moody.


Avard "19. September" for the best poetry book


Taste of Bitter Herbs - MS Jablanica 1971
Stone to Stone - Poetry Klub Bosanski Brod 1976
All my Green Town Squares "Vihor"Derventa 1990
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Stone Talk - "Vihor" Derventa 1990
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Sketches for an Unborn" - "Vihor" Derventa (Ljubljana) 1993
Do Not Write This Down - Self-published, Vancouver, 2006 (192 pages) $15
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Enigma from the Stone / Enigma sa Kamena (Self-published by Back Yard Publishing, 2009) / Enigma from the Stone, Publish America, 2010 978-1-4489-5699-9
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