Angela Hryniuk is an interdisciplinary poet, writer and editor who has worked as a street youth worker, suicide and rape crisis counsellor, a counsellor with teenaged prostitutes, as a bookkeeper and in Eaton's meat department. She completed her Masters degree (in philosophy, religion, literature) at SFU in 2002. Her project called St.Teresa of Avila: Mystic as Mentor was looking at the 16th century Spanish saint from a Buddhist perspective. She's also worked as a publisher's sales representative for the Literary Press Group, as a freelance publicist and facilitator of creative writing workshops. As well, Angela Hryniuk has been in the tax preparation business for more than a decade. She worked at the accounting firm G.B. Nixon and Associates from 1996-1998.

Hryniuk is also a legally certified Buddhist Minister by the Province of B.C., and has been working with literary, prison, Buddhist and interfaith organizations for several decades. She is a community organizer whose events have included a Spirituality Round Table at the United Nations sponsored World Urban Forum (2006) and His Holiness the Dalai Lama's Spiritual Teaching in Vancouver (2004). She stepped down as the Executive Director of the InterSpiritual Centre of Vancouver Society and is author of three books of poetry and one CD.

Hyrniuk has been guest editor of the Capilano Review, co-editor of (f.)Lip, JAG, Island and Writing literary magazines and has had her poetry, book reviews and articles published in various journals and anthologies. From 1993-1995 she sat on the the National Council of the Writers' Union of Canada as the BC/Yukon regional representative. She was involved in the 1994 Writing Thru' Race conference that the Union sponsored. She has participated in International Feminist Bookfairs at Montreal (1988), Barcelona (1990) and Melbourne (1992). In the early 1990s her life took a turn towards things spiritual and she began serious Buddhist study. She travelled to India (1996, 1998, 2000) to study with the Dalai Lama and journey throughout Southeast Asia. Her writing is reflective of this path. She sits on the interfaith Committee for Corrections Canada, is Past President of her Tibetan Buddhist Centre and has taught meditation and philosophy at her Buddhist Centre in Vancouver. She is committed to anti-sexist and anti-racist work both in her writing and in the community. She is currently studying to be certified as a general accountant.




EMPLOYMENT OTHER THAN WRITING: Accounting, meditation teacher


pearls & forbidden fruit (Vancouver: Diamond Thought,an imprint of McGilligan
Books, Toronto 2008). $18.95, 20 black and white illustrations by Argentinian-Canadian Nora Patrich. 978-1-894692-20-5
Sarasvati Scapes, (Pendas Productions, 2001), with Penn Kemp;
no visual scars (Polestar Press, 1993);
walking inside circles (Ragweed Press, 1989)


CD based on Sarasvati Scapes entitled Melsima: Buddhist Pilgrimage in India (2003); co-authored with Penn Kemp, produced by Stephen Fearing, with Ajmer Rode (translator)and Kiran Ahluwalia (composer/singer).

CD Guided Meditations (2008)

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