According to Dundurn Press: Vancouverite Margaret Hume, a former librarian at Concordia University in Montreal, received her education from the universities of New Brunswick and McGill. Born in Halifax, she grew up in New Brunswick in the 1950s as an adoring young fan of Maggie Muggins. Margaret's later curiosity about Maggie Muggins author and fellow New Brunswicker, Mary Grannan, led to an extensive and rewarding journey of discovery into Grannan's life. "Just Mary: The Life of Mary Evelyn Grannan" is her first book. Former Fredericton schoolteacher Mary Grannan created the Just Mary and Maggie Muggins television shows after she started her CBC radio broadcasting career in 1939. She published more than 30 books and developed Mary Muggins on television as of 1955. She received the Beaver Award for her broadcasting and was honoured by the International Mark Twain Society and the Institute for Education by Radio at Ohio State University.

DATE OF BIRTH: February 24, 1949

PLACE OF BIRTH: Halifax, Nova Scotia


EMPLOYMENT OTHER THAN WRITING: Administrative Assistant, Forrest C. Hume Law Corporation

BIOGRAPHICAL DETAILS: Former librarian at Concordia University, Montreal (1991-1998)
Graduated from the University of New Brunswick, BA 1971, and McGill University, MLIS 1990.


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