It is a widely-accepted modern presumption that most serial killers are psychopaths, as well as many corporate executives. It is also widely believed that cold-blooded, remorseless and often strangely charismatic psychopaths are responsible for most violent crimes. Having combined their knowledge of neuropsychology, psychometrics, behavioural genetics and statistical studies, the B.C. trio of Jarkko Jalava, Stephanie Griffiths and Michael Maraun argue the concept of psychopathy is, well, bollocks. They claim that the relatively new concept of the psychopath--emanating from its 18th century origins--mostly affords a comforting neurobiological solution to the mystery of evil. The Myth of the Born Criminal: Psychopathy, Neurobiology and the Creation of the Modern Degenerate (UTP 2015) is touted as the first comprehensive critique of psychopathy--in essence, an attempt to dispel the myth of psychopathy as a biologically-based condition. Jalava co-wrote the book as a professor of criminology at Okanagan College. $27.95 978-1-4426-2836-6