Jane Teskey has published her memoir: Garden Glimpses: A Protection Island Memoir (self-published, 2019) about her lifelong journey to independence through maintenance gardening, and, according to the cover's back blurb it's also "a practical guide to tending gardens as delight rather than toil." Teskey's editor, Valerie Hennell says the book is a history of Protection Island through the eyes of its gardens and early residents, many of whom "have gone over the garden wall." Another Protection Island resident, retired bookseller Thora Howell is thankful that Teskey introduced their community to Hazelnut flowers and writes, "We all enjoy Heather's garden but little did we know what it took to make the bed that has nurtured her flowers and shrubs for over 25 years? It is the story of one person's commitment to enabling people to bring their dreams of gardens to life." Mainly straightforward prose with a sprinkling of photos and illustrations, Teskey has also included some poetry and gardening tips.

Jane Teskey has spent 25 years honing her skills as a gardener. She lives with her partner Frank and their dog Buddy on Protection Island where she tends many gardens.


Garden Glimpses: A Protection Island Memoir (self-published, 2019) $20 9781999118600

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