Jude Goodwin's poems and prose have been published in journals and anthologies including Burnside Review, CV 2, Comstock Review, White Pelican Review, Cider Press Review and Eclectica Magazine. Her poems have won or placed well in the IBPC: New Poetry Voices competition, and have been shortlisted in the CBC Radio Literary Awards.

Goodwin is a founding member of the Squamish Writers Group and founder and co-editor of The Waters, an online poetry workshop. Recently she founded the Sea to Sky Review, an online literary journal for the BC Lower Mainland and Sea to Sky Corridor. In 2018, Jude Goodwin was pursuing a degree in Creative Writing with Douglas College, BC

Born: New Westminster
Residence: Port Coquitlam
Employment: web development, graphic design
Literary awards:
1st place, RCLAS Write On Poetry Contest 2018
1st place, IBPC Sept 2017

Teach Me to Play (Pando Publications, 1988)

Let's Play Cards, Great Card Games for Kids (Devyn Press, 1989)

Go Ahead, Laugh!: Collected Bridge Humor (Master Point Press, 2007

Kids Love Cards,
Table Talk
The Night Before Snow (poetry) Sept 10 2018|Kindle eBook $3.99

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