S. B. Julian, BA (History), MLS (Library & Information Science) is a free-lance writer, columnist, playwright and memoirs coach on Vancouver Island. She also publishes books under her independent imprint Ninshu Press, at Overleaf Books (overleafbooks.blogspot.ca).

Women Who Made the World (Ninshu Press, 2018) -- Biographical sketches of the lives and work of high-achieving world-changing women in the past: scientists, artists, scholars, theologians and social justice activists who should be better known. 86 pages, index, illustrated. $15.00. 9780973390544

Childhood Pastorale: Children, Nature and the Preservation of Landscape (Ninshu Press, 2010) -- How nature deficit disorder relates to shrinking green space in residential areas; comparisons of childhood play in the elderly (gathered through a Memoirs Project) with children's recreation today. 114 pages, $15.00, 9780973390537

Poultry Pets in the Garden -- A discursive, illustrated how-to on integrating poultry into the garden ecology: taking control of your food sources, escaping the commercial cruelty and food contamination system, expanding your horticultural horizons, and enjoying a new companion animal.

Anima Mundi: Seeking God the Mother (Ninshu Press, 2003) -- Discussion of scientific Gaia Theory and ancient Great Mother mythology, relating these to research in Consciousness Studies, Evolutionary Biology and Chaos Theory. Includes creative visualization exercises as well as survey of research.


Walking Bowker: Befriending an Urban Creek (2014) -- History and ecology of Bowker Creek, Victoria, BC as explored in every season over a year of walking the creek above and below ground. Illustrated. $10 from overleaf2011@hotmail.com

That's Your Opinion (2019) -- A Handbook on Freedom of Expression and Censorship in Canada and Around the World. For writers and readers. $10 from overleaf2011@hotmail.com


Meadows, Mounds and Meanders: Sacred Sites of Victoria (Ninshu Press, 2005) -- a collection of essays, poems and photos by eight contributors celebrating relatively unspoiled places around Victoria and musing on the meaning of "sacred" space, 62 pages, $9.95, 09733905 2 2


Rain and Thunder: A Dialogue Between Gaia and Jehovah (30 minutes)

Hypatia of Alexandria -- Dramatization of the life and ideas of 4th century Egyptian scholar Hypatia (90 minutes)

Dial M For Mercy -- Tom is facing a fatal illness and struggles against family and institutional opposition to his legal Right To Die, only to find in a surprise twist that so far he doesn't need to use it (1 hour)

Land of Lake and Wood -- Compiled from the memoirs of post-WWII immigrants to Canada (memoir clients of the author), monologues and dialogue on Canada's 150th Anniversary (30 minutes)

The Shadow Guest -- Cupid lurks in the hallways of a residential hotel and in the imaginings of guests, with amusing results (30 minutes)

King Leer -- One aging father and three daughters, struggling with contemporary issues around dementia and property inheritance (a non-tragic treatment: everyone survives) (30 minutes)

Short Comic Skits: The Fridge Festival; Decrepitude Envy; The Council of the Animals

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