In 2008, at age 52, as a professional forester given an extended leave from her job with the provincial government, Patti Kagawa spent three months cycling across Canada, sometimes solo, sometimes with companions, as described in her memoir, From Sea to Shining Sea, written to inspire others to overcome difficulties and fulfill their dreams.

Kagawa was born in Guelph, Ontario, and lived in rural and urban Ontario and Alberta before moving to British Columbia, where she has lived for over thirty years. She plays underwater hockey and cycles 15 km to and from work. The memoir was written when Kagawa had two university-age children, Kai and Naomi, and her husband, Peter, was a retired senior civil servant.


From Sea to Shining Sea: One woman's cycle trip across Canada from Mile 0 in British Columbia to Mile 0 in Newfoundland

ISBN: 978-0-9869367-0-8


Price: $14.95

[BCBW 2012]