Born in 1935, Lloyd Kahn was an editor for 1960s' magazine The Whole Earth Catalog.

As a free-thinker influenced by Buckminster Fuller, green architectural movements and counter-cultural idealism, he became the founding editor-in-chief of his own imprint, Shelter Publications, Inc., to encourage and celebrate eco-friendly and non-conformist homes. Along with books such as Shelter (1973) and HomeWork (2004), he published numerous titles pertaining to physical fitness.

Kahn featured many builders and carpenters from Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands in his Builders of the Pacific Coast (Shelter 2008), a photo-essay of ingenious, eco-friendly experimentalism in building styles and dwellings, containing more than 1,200 colour photos of mostly "hippie-style" contemporary architecture. $26.95 U.S. 978-0-936070-43-8

For many years Kahn has been based in Bolinas, a small town on the Pacific coast, north of San Francisco. One of his favourite builders, Lloyd House, lives in a converted bus on Hornby Island, and was featured in Kahn's Tiny Homes: Simple Shelter: Scaling Back in the 21st Century (Shelter 2012). Visit


Domebook One (author, 1970)
Domebook 2 (author, 1971)
Shelter (editor, 1973)
Stretching (publisher, 1980)
Galloway's Book on Running (publisher, 1984)
Getting Stronger (publisher, 1985)
Getting in Shape (publisher, 1995)
The Septic System Owner's Manual (author, 2000)
Marathon: You Can Do It! (publisher, 2001)
Home Work: Handbuilt Shelter (author, 2004)
Builders of the Pacific Coast (author, 2008)
Tiny Homes: Simple Shelter (author, 2012)
Small Homes: The Right Size (Shelter Publications 2017) $41.95 9780936070681

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