Barbara Kaminsky is an adjunct professor in the Department of Medicine at the University of British Columbia and CEO of the Canadian Cancer Society, British Columbia and Yukon Division.

"The Health Impact of Smoking and Obesity and What to Do about It" concerns how smoking continues to be a serious health threat throughout the world. In addition, sedentary lifestyles, poor diet, and obesity continue to be major causes of chronic diseases. This book synthesizes a vast quantity of recent data on the benefits and cost-effectiveness of both clinical and public health interventions in addressing the risk factors of smoking and obesity. The book also discusses various approaches to measuring disease burden and setting health care targets, and provides a summary of interventions of proven effectiveness. Taking into account the vital lessons learned from the experience of tobacco control over forty years, and focusing on the current state of the evidence for obesity control, the study stresses the importance of comprehensive strategies that deal with both individual behaviour changes and the need to encourage social contexts that enhance healthy choices and lifestyles.

The Health Impact of Smoking and Obesity and What to Do about It, edited by Hans Krueger, Dan Williams, Barbara Kaminsky, and David McLean (University of Toronto Press, 2007