The most down-to-earth and ambitious title was ten years in the making. Craft of the Country Cook: Over 1,000 Recipes and Food Ideas from A-Z (Hartley & Marks $22.95, $29.95) by Pat Katz, food columnist for Countryside magazine, is a 600 page encyclopedia of healthy fare that could have been titled The Joy of Country Cooking.

"It's not for those people who delight in spending loads and loads of money on trendy food like chocolate covered grasshoppers," says editor Sue Tauber. "It's for people who live in the country or would like to live in the country.";

The author wrote much of the book in Lillooet. She'll be promoting her book in B. C. during October to explain such recipes as fruit tempura, squash blossom soup, parsnip wine, apple tea, brandied pumpkin pie and fresh chicken sausage. There are directions for gathering foods from the wild, cooking with wood stoves, freezing, pickling and smoking food, plus instructions on everything from making yogurt to skinning squirrels.

[BCBW Spring 1987]