The Hugh Keenleyside Dam west of Castlegar is named for the co-chairman of B.C. Hydro and former chairman of the B.C. Power Commission who opposed nuclear power. When he retired from B.C. Hydro in 1969, he became chancellor of Notre Dame University until it closed. A former diplomat who served as Canada's ambassador to Mexico (1944-1947), Keenleyside had opposed the internment of Japanese Canadians. He worked for the United Nations and returned to B.C. in 1959. He wrote five books including a two-volume autobiograhical work called Memoirs (McClelland & Stewart, 1981; 1982). The first volume was subtitled Hammer the Golden Day. He was born in Toronto on July 7, 1898 and died in Saanich, B.C. on September 27, 1992.

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