Dr. H. David Kirk, a B.C. publisher based in Brentwood Bay, was born into a Jewish family in Rhineland, West Germany in 1918. Having adopted four children, he examined the social and psychological meanings of adoption since the 1950s. His seminal work on adopted persons' civil rights, Shared Fate (1964), remained available in hardcover for 18 years and became available in paperback, as did Adoptive Kinship: A Modern Institution in Need of Reform and Exploring Adoptive Family Life. The latter book was published when he was aged 70 as Exploring Adoptive Family Life: The Collected Adoption Papers of H. David Kirk (Ben-Simon, 1988). To counteract historical revisionist regarding the Holocaust, he translated two essays by Eberhard Jackel, and provided his own commentary, in David Irving's Hitler: A Faulty History Dissected (Ben-Simon, 1993), with a foreword by Robert Fulford.

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