Anton Kolstee was born in 1949. He earned his Masters in Ethnomusicology in 1974 from UBC studying the music of the Bella Coola and was awarded the Prize for Musicology. A songbook of the Bella Coola was published using much of his transcriptions.

In 1977, he obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Illinois with his study of the music and ceremony of the Bella Bella/ Heiltsuk Nation. During this period, he taught music at the Bella Bella Community School in 1978-1979. Kolstee taught Native Studies at Carson Graham Secondary School in North Vancouver and was a sessional lecturer in ethnomusicology at UBC.

He has published numerous articles, including "A New Strategy for Native Indian Music Pedagogy" and "Teaching Along Shamanic Lines." He also provided a music entry for the Encyclopedia of Music in Canada.


Bella Coola Indian Music: A Study of the Interaction between Northwest Coast Indian Structures and their Functional Context (Ottawa: National Museums of Canada, 1982). Contains analysis of Bella Coola songs with 73 transcriptions.

To Impersonate the Supernatural: Music, Ceremony and Culture of the Bella Bella (Granville Island Pub. 2020) $24.95 978-1-926991-14-6

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