During World War II, one of Heinrich Harrer's and Peter Aufschneiter's comrades, Hans Kopp, also escaped to Tibet but left Harrer and Aufschneiter to go to the remote kingdom of Mustang, where he was recaptured by the British. Harrer wrote Seven Years in Tibet, the basis for a Brad Pitt movie, and Aufschneiter wrote Eight Years in Tibet.

Hans Kopp later immigrated to Canada and lived in Richmond, B.C. He subsequently attended a talk by Barry and Dorothea Leach about TRAS [Tibetan Refugee Aid Society, started by George and Inbgeborg Woodcock in 1962] and thereafter remained in contact with them until his death in the early 1970s.

His memoir Six Times Across the Himalayas became available in an English translation as Himalaya Shuttlecock.

[BCBW 2009]