Dutch-born John Lammers immigrated to Canada in 1948 with his young family and found fulfillment as a guide in the Yukon wilderness after his arrival there in 1953 following stints in Ontario and Alberta. Formerly a part-time newspaper columnist, he self-published his autobiography A Castle on the Frontier (Gray Jay Publications 2004) during his retirement years on Salt Spring Island. Subtitled An Immigrant's Life Journey from Holland to the Yukon, 1921-1987, it most notably recalls the Nazi invasion of Holland and his 35 years in the Yukon. The castle of the title refers to a base camp at the confluence of the Pelly and Yukon Rivers. Ten years in the making, his memoirs were completed when Lammers was aged 82. "The idea of a biography was tempting but for a very long time I felt that it would be little more than a form of conceit," he writes. In fact, his autobiography provides a fair-mind record of Yukon pioneering and exploration during the latter half of the twentieth century. ISBN 0-9734905-0-0

Gray Jay Publications, P.O. Box 456, Salt Spring Island, B.C. V8K 2W1

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