Greg Levine's The Law of Government Ethics- Federal, Ontario and British Columbia (2007) examined five areas of law - conflict of interest/integrity; administrative justice/ombudsman; lobbying; access to information; and, privacy.

According to CAIS publicity in 2013: "Greg Levine practises law in Ontario and has been involved with various governmental ethics systems including ombudsman, integrity, and access and privacy systems, for more than twenty years. He is a member of the York Collegium for Practical Ethics and he is an independent scholar and a member of the Canadian Academy of Independent Scholars. He is the author of The Law of Government Ethics: Federal, Ontario and British Columbia and Municipal Ethics Regimes, andOmbudsman Legislation in Canada: An Annotation and Appraisal, has made submissions to provincial and municipal governments on ethics matters, has been an expert witness at two inquiries dealing with ethics issues (Oliphant Commission (Mulroney Schreiber) and Cunningham Commission (Mississauga)) and has given lectures and speeches on a variety of topics within the broad area of governmental ethics law. He is an integrity commissioner for five Ontario municipalities."

[BCBW 2013]