Tim Lilburn's The Larger Conversation: Contemplation and Place (U. of Alberta $34.95) continues to trace a relationship between mystic traditions and the political world. He proposes nothing less than "a new epistemology leading to an ecologically responsible and spiritually acute relationship between settler Canadians, Indigenous peoples, and the land we inhabit."; It's a work of environmental philosophy for engaged in the process of enhancing conversation between Indigenous peoples and settlers. 978-1-77212-299-2


Now Orphic Politics (McClelland & Stewart 2008) $17.99 978-0-7710-4636-0

The Names (McClelland & Stewart 2016) $18.95 978-0-771048036

The House of Charlemagne (University of Regina Press 2017)

The Larger Conservation: Contemplation and Place (University of Alberta, 2017)

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