Steve Locke grew up in St. Vital, a suburb of Winnipeg. He began writing short stories, poems and songs to cope with teen angst while a student at Dakota Collegiate. After high school, he attended one year of classes at the University of Manitoba, took a year off, then transferred to the University of Winnipeg, where he took Creative Writing courses from Miriam Toews, John Weier and Catherine Hunter.

His first novel, Two Mile Road (2007), is a coming-of-age story that shows promise as an honest rendering of post-pubescent longings and frustrations. It was begun while Locke was a student at Dakota Collegiate. It was finished after he seriously injured his back in a farm accident and could not travel, work, or attend classes for almost two-and-a-half years. The launch of Two Mile Road took place at a McNally Robinson book store. Locke later became a student at UBC in the department of Creative Writing where professor Steven Galloway noted Two Mile Road "encapsulates the emotional turmoil of possibilities and indecision, bringing a message of hope to all generations." Two Mile Road has been available at Duthie Books, Spartacus, People's Co-op and the UBC Bookstore.

The promo for Two Mile Road states: "Choices must be made, growing up in modern day society that gets more complicated the more one tries to understand it. An international conflict, a mysterious journal, an inheritance and a passion for writing affect Rob's wavering belief in himself. By pondering the future, he begins to see a way to work through his depression and become a better person. Eventually, he returns to the road he started out on with a sense of who he is, and the man he will become."


Two Mile Road (Self-published, 2007)

[BCBW 2009] "Fiction"