John Keast Lord (1818-1872) was a naturalist and veterinary surgeon who was appointed assistant naturalist to the Northwest Boundary Commission in 1858. The Commission was charged with the task of marking the 49th parallel from the West Coast to the Rocky Mountains. His extensive collection of mammals, birds, fish, insects and plant life is housed in the British Museum. He also conducted archeological and scientific research in Egypt. He published The Naturalist in Vancouver Island and British Columbia (London: Richard Bentley, 1866), two volumes for the general reader that include a study of the Kootenay Indians. Under the pseudonym of 'The Wanderer', he also published At Home In The Wilderness: Being Full of Instructions How To Get Along, And To Surmount All Difficulties By The Way (London: Robert Hardwicke, 1867). The latter title had three printings. He managed an aquarium in Brighton, England prior to his death on December 8, 1872.

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